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At Bitzing we understand technology, latest trends, how they work and Foresee how it all can fit to simplify your project solutions.
We develop softwares to simplify your tasks/processes, making it error free, saving cost time of your staff thus resulting in your staff efficiencies.

Executing Ideas

We discover software engineering for your ideas. We are a focussed team of creative minds, forward thinkers, who deliver value add products and services.

We follow flexible development practices and work collaboratively with customers throughout the project. (opt) We communicate clearly and deliver on time, on budget and bug free.

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Our Services

Custom Software

So what is Custom Software?
Ever stuck spending hours on manual redundant tasks because of processes or software limitations?
Off the shelf Softwares are designed in a general way.
We offer to develop solutions which suit your processes, systems, staff and cost effective.

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications allow users to connect with their backend business applications, E-commerce, storage engines, social media and other services in real-time while ON THE GO!
We provide app development services for Google Android, Microsoft Windows Phone and Apple iPhone and iPad based devices.

Website Development

Websites often are the front door to present your brand, organization, business and loyality to customers.
Additionally, ensuring your website is usable on a handheld devices attracts value.
We help create a web presence for your business in this competitive market.

Product Development

Along with working with you closely through your ideas, We are also continuously releasing products to simplify tasks. Our products range from automating child care systems and processes, to releasing educational mobile applications, to releasing applications to help you understand your vicinity.

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